Civil Engineering

In order to offer more; in addition to above ground services, we have also started to develop ourselves better in the construction of underground cabling work.

In recent years we have invested a lot in underground infrastructure, with the aim of offering a total package to local cutomers.


This means that we also carry out all other activities around it for the installation of underground cable work.


Cable pulling works best with a well-dug trench.


Civil engineering – Cable works

As indicated with the underground cable work, we have years of experience in carrying out excavation work for low voltage cables.

When putting away and moving soil, we take exactly into account the correct slope, depth and structure of the soil.

The main part consists of digging and backfilling trenches for the construction of low-voltage cables.


Civil engineering – Fiber optic engineering

Fiber optic plays a major role in sending data faster. For specialized work in the field of fiber optic technology, we keep up with the times and technology. Thanks to tailor-made advice and expert installation, you are assured of a perfectly certified network.


We are the specialist in:

Laying fiber optic and data cables

Supply of fiber optic and data cables for general and industrial applications

Inhalation of tubes for advanced networks